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Nethereum UI Wallets

Nethereum UI Wallet Sample

Cross platform wallet example using Nethereum, Xamarin.Forms and MvvmCross, targetting all main mobile platforms Android, iOS, Windows, Dektop (windows 10 uwp), IoT with the Raspberry PI and Xbox.

Repo URL:

Nethereum Simple Windows Wallet

Functional sample / spike of a Reactive WindowsForms wallet connecting to Nethereum.

The sample provides an overview of loading accounts from different sources (KeyStore, HdWallet backup words, Private Key) and overall interaction with Ethereum to send transactions and interact with a standard token contract. The aim of the sample is to provide another learning exercise of Nethereum, but at the same time work as the MVVM spike towards the full Reactive UI solution, which will be also based on Xamarin.Forms as per the other sample, include hybrid dapps, multi signature, uport, etc, etc.

Repo URL:

Nethereum UI Desktop Simple Wallet

Functional sample of a Reactive Cross platform desktop wallet connecting to Ethereum using Nethereum, Avalonia and ReactiveUI.

Repo URL:

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