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Nethereum code generation using the Console application


A dotnet core CLI tool which can be run in isolation or installed as a dotnet. It is especially useful for automated builds and integration scripts.

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It currently supports a primary command called “generate” with the following sub commands:

Installing the console as a dotnet tool (optional)

The example below installs Nethereum.Generator.Console as a global tool (-g) and references a local folder as a nuget package source (–add-source).

Installing the tool

dotnet tool install -g Nethereum.Generator.Console

Accessing the ‘Help’

Nethereum.Generator.Console -h



Generates Nethereum code based on a single abi.

Usage: generate from-abi [options]

  -cn | --contractName  The contract name (Optional)
  -ABi | --ABiPath      The ABi file and path (Mandatory)
  -bin | --binPath      The bin file and path (Optional)
  -o | --outputPath     The output path for the generated code (Mandatory)
  -ns | --namespace     The base namespace for the generated code (Mandatory)
  -sf | --SingleFile    Generate the message definition in a single file (Optional - default is true)
  -? | -h | --help      Show help information


Create a folder and place your ABi and bin files in it. Go to the folder in the command line.

Sample Compiled Solidity Files:

Invoke the generator with minimum args

Nethereum.Generator.Console generate from-abi -abi ./StandardContract.abi -o . -ns Sample.Ethereum

Folder contents - after code generation:

Folder Contents - after code generation


This command searches for ABI files within a project and generates Nethereum code based on them.

Generated code has namespaces and names which are based on the ABi files and project structure.

Usage: generate from-project [options]

  -p | --projectPath   The full project file path or path to the project folder (Optional - default is current directory).
  -a | --assemblyName  The output assembly name for the project (Optional - can be infered from project).
  -? | -h | --help     Show help information


The example below generates Nethereum .net code from the StandardContract.ABi in a .net project folder. These instructions require .net core 2.1 to be installed.

Sample Compiled Solidity Files:

Steps: 1. create new folder:

mkdir MyStandardContractProject 
2. navigate to folder:
cd MyStandardContractProject 


copy and paste your ABI and bin files into folder

  1. Create a dotnet class library:

dotnet new classLib 
4. Add Nethereum.Web3 as a dependency:
dotnet add package Nethereum.Web3
5. Generate the code:
Nethereum.Generator.Console generate from-project
6. Build the code:
dotnet build 

Folder contents - after code generation:

Folder Contents - after code generation

Config driven generation

The from-project command will reference an optional config file for greater control over code generation.

If a file called “Nethereum.Generator.json” is present in the project directory, the generator will use those settings.

Example Nethereum.Generator.json config file.


Questions or feedback? You can discuss issues and obtain free support on Nethereum Discord channel.