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Nethereum provides an IPC client to communicate with other Ethereum clients. IPC communication behaves in the same way as RPC / HTTP, the only change is the Client implementation.

First you will need to install the Nethereum.JsonRpc.IpcClient nuget.

There are two types of IPC Clients, Windows which uses NamedPipes and Unix/Linux.

Windows environment

In Windows we need to use the Nethereum.JsonRpc.IpcClient.IpcClient. The new IpcClient will be configured with the NamedPipes file name. Geth uses as default geth.ipc and Parity jsonrpc.ipc.

var client = Nethereum.JsonRpc.IpcClient.IpcClient("jsonrpc.ipc");

Unix environment

In Unix / Linux we need to use the Nethereum.JsonRpc.IpcClient.UnixIpcClient. The new IpcClient will be configured with the full file path of the IPC file. In this scenario, because we have configured the Geth path devChain, the file will be found in the root directory.

var client = Nethereum.JsonRpc.IpcClient.UnixIpcClient("/Users/juanblanco/Documents/Repos/Nethereum.Workbooks/testchain/clique/devChain/geth.ipc");

Creating a Web3 instance

Finally, we can create an instance of Web3 using the new IPC Client.

var web3 = new Nethereum.Web3.Web3(client);
Questions or feedback? You can discuss issues and obtain free support on Nethereum Discord channel.