Nethereum tutorials using Xamarin workbooks.

"Xamarin Workbooks provide a blend of documentation and code that is perfect for experimentation, learning, and creating guides and teaching aids." For more info and installation requirements go to the Xamarin Workbooks web site

Workbook sample


Workbook Description File
Getting Started With Smart Contracts Learn how to create an account using a private key. Deploy a smart contract. Estimate the gas cost of a contract transaction. Send a transaction to the smart contract. Make a call to a smart contract. Retrieve the state of a smart contract from a previous block Workbook
Nethereum Getting Started Learn a few simple interactions with a Blockchain Workbook
Getting started Infura Connect to Infura and retrieve the balance of an account Workbook
HD Wallet Learn to instantiate an HD wallet using the mnemonic backup seed words, retrieve the first account private key and finally transfer some Ether using Infura Workbook
Setting Up Events Polling Services Learn how to log events by setting up polling services Workbook
Creating A New Account Using Geth Create a new account with Geth Workbook
Chain Id Management Learn how to protect your code against replay attacks Workbook
Unit conversion Convert Ethereum currency units (Eth\Gwei\Wei) using Nethereum methods Workbook
CQS - Using messages Use messages to send transactions Workbook